INOTEC is a medium-sized company with the aim of realising innovative and customer-oriented developments in the field of emergency and safety lighting systems.

Within a few years of the company being founded in 1995, we moved to new production premises with office surfaces of approximately 2,500 m² in Ense-Höingen in 1999. Two years later, another 3,400 m² were added in order to meet the increasing demand of INOTEC products. In 2008, these premises will once more be too small and the production and office areas will have to be extended again.

A dynamic team with flexible and competent staff provides reliable advice in all aspects concerning the products, planning and regulations.

Modern, state-of-the-art and premium quality products "Made in Germany" impose new standards world-wide, such as central battery systems with JOKER technology, CLS 24-systems or the dynamic escape route guidance system D.E.R.

You find our products at: airports, hotels, shops and office buildings, congress centres, workplaces etc. in general, in buildings that are frequented by many people, sometimes alien to the environment, to ensure the required safety and to allow safe exit out of endangered areas.


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