Central battery system CPS 220/48/SV

Advantages / features

Maintenance-free 220 V central battery system with automatic function monitoring

Individual luminaire monitoring without additional data-line

Final end-circuits with change-over devices including Joker-technology

  • Central monitoring of all connected luminaires and  the back-up system without additional installation requirements
  • Modular system design with 19'' racks
  • Compact versions. Up to 48 free programmable  emergency outputs 3 A or 24 outputs 6 A . Lead acid gas recombination batteries 220 V upto  71 Ah within the same assembly.
  • Expandable system; with emergency lighting sub-  stations, sep. battery racks or battery housings.
  • Max. emergency load for standard product: 13,86 kVA
  • Systems with higher load requirements on request.
  • Low service- and maintenance requirements.
  • Mandatory logbook function included
  • Lead acid gas recombination batteries 220 V, 10 years rated lifetime. NiCd on request.
  • Simple engineering due to free programmable  maintaine-/non maintained switching modes

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