The company

INOTEC is a medium-sized company with the aim of realising innovative and customer-oriented developments in the field of emergency and safety lighting systems.

Within a few years of the company being founded in 1995, we moved to new production premises with office surfaces of approximately 2,500 m² in Ense-Höingen in 1999. Two years later, another 3,400 m² were added in order to meet the increasing demand of INOTEC products. In 2008, these premises will once more be too small and the production and office areas will have to be extended again.


Product overview luminaires

To better serve you, we extended our luminaire product overview. Recently the system luminaires will be shown in a table view in all available electronic possibilites and their technical data.

In the detail view you see different views of the luminaires which can be zommed by clicking on the image.

Furthermore tender specification texts, manuals and eulum-dat files for light output calculation are available.


CLS 24

With the CLS 24 system, INOTEC sets a new trend as an innovative manufacturer of emergency lighting that reflects the market development for lighting systems and the current general situation concerning the respective regulations.

The application of LED in emergency lighting, which offers great advantages in terms of longevity, applicable temperature range and energy consumption, required adaptations to the current engineering systems. The new MLAR of 11/2005 makes it possible to implement new concepts.

The independent CLS 24 system supplies only lights within a certain fire area. Thus, no expensive supply lines are required and a very high safety level can be obtained with low mounting costs.


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